Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gratuitous Pug shot

In checking the pictures from Christmas, I found this great one of our pug Gadget. Sadly I did not take it myself, all credit goes to my six year old. But since this is a knitting blog, not a pug blog, I also have a few other shots...

The finished socks for my mom. I'm really happy with how they turned out. My minor modifications made them fit her really well. The nice part is knowing she will wear them a lot. I read somewhere the best gift you can give a knitter is by wearing their knitting. I can't agree more.
I'm excited about the new year, what new skills I will acquire. What new projects I will work on. I'm hoping to do more in lace. I've purchased some really nice lace weight and am deciding what those skeins want to be when they grow up.
So I got started on a new pair of socks for me, simple plain vanilla socks. Using Harry Potter sock yarn, in the Tonks colorway. No counting required, just simple soothing knitting. I like it. I'm using my new sock needles and they are smooth and the knitting is moving along...
This week's work schedule is a bit odd, I have tomorrow and Thursday off, but back on Friday. Usually we get to leave early the day before a holiday, but I'm doubting that will happen today. However, if we do get to leave, I just might head over to Borealis yarns to see what might need to come home with me.
Enjoy the New Year!

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