Thursday, April 9, 2009

All Emily all the time

First communion went well. Emily looked beautiful (no pictures until Easter Sunday), we didn't drop her goblet, we got there early enough to find a pew for all six of us. A smashing success. Her big concern was that she would burp after drinking the wine, again, crisis averted as the burp remained buried deep in her tummy. She was thrilled to get to join in communion with the rest of us. Now she doesn't want to go to Sunday school because she wants to be with the rest of us taking communion.

I also had major news re Emily this week. For the last seven months I have been fighting with our insurance company over payment of the charges relating to her surgery on her cleft lip. I know, who would have thought this would even be an issue. But I have been arguing for months that the surgery done on her nose was not COSMETIC, but due to her congenital defect. Again, crazy. But finally, Monday, I received the golden letter, stating that they were overturning ALL the denials and approving everything for payment. I cried at my desk. But that hurdle has been cleared. I will feel much better once I receive the invoices from the doctor's office as well as the hospital showing all their bills have been paid, but I believe we are there.

I've done little knitting, at least in getting anything done. Sadly, I have started a couple more things. What is wrong with me! smile....I promise to take pictures this weekend of knitting in all its unfinished glory, of my girls in their Easter finery, and of the Easter egg hunt that for the first time in years we can do easily outside in MN.

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