Thursday, April 30, 2009

Anna's Art Show

Both my girls are artistic. Emily loves to putter and build and make. Give her a box, string and tape and you will never know what she will end up with. I buy tape by the case! But it makes them happy and I love seeing them be creative. Anna made a picture in art class and it was in the school's art show...

it is the Panda way up high...and my girl? She happily refused to turn around so her mom could take a picture of her with her drawing. I threatened to take it of her back and post it on my blog and she still refused to turn around. So here she lovely 12 year old...talented and funny....and at the age where it is embarrassing to have your mom with you at times...especially if your mom has a camera.

I'm slowly knitting away, have the second lipstick sock about half way down the leg. Goal is to finish it by next Tuesday. Also added a few more squares to my growing pile. But nothing truly picture worthy.

I'm trying to get into a spinning class at the upcoming Sheep and Wool festival in Lake Elmo. I'm first on the waiting list, so maybe that will happen. I do love to spin, I just want to get better fast!

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