Monday, March 30, 2009

Pierced ears and communion wine

I told my girls they can get their ears pierced when they are 12. Anna turned 12 in December but being a bit nervous about it decided to wait. The wait ended this weekend, if you look closely you will see the glimmer of newly pierced ears sporting a tiny post. her suprise, it didn't even hurt! So my oldest girl continues to grow by leaps and bounds and now has beautiful earrings in place. Emily was in a funk as she is NOT 12 and declares life is NOT fair that she must wait as long as Anna did and she is NOT a baby and WHY does it have to be this way. sigh.....

Sunday involved the final communion class for Emily which entailed tasting the wine and wafers before the church service on the 8th. This way the initial reaction of the wine taste is done not in front of a crowd, just in front of the familes. Reactions ranged from Emily's crinkling of her nose, to a boy literally being wrestled up to the front by his mother where he then drank the wine to no obvious ill effects. funny kids...Emily was fine until a few minutes after drinking the wine, she burped and apparently the after taste was way worse than the actual drinking! Her reactions had me silently shaking in the pew with laughter. But I'm confident she will be fine when drinking the wine in church.

My knitting is taking a turn of never finishing ANYTHING. While I got the glove this far...I now get to add the "pretty part" of rows of "welting" and a section with a cable in it. But all the sudden I'm tinkering with another idea, while I have not one but two socks on the needles, not even the same pair, both past the heels, whipping down the foot, but still this idea has been rolling around in my head. I've seen the "blankie" by Shellie Kang, simply using a mitered square with the left over sock yarn she accumulated (on her own and with the extra help from the Yarn Harlot). It is very pretty. So I decided to do something similar. I found a basic how to knit a mitered square and just started. I toyed with actually knitting the new squares on to a previous one in an effort to reduce on the seaming and weaving in of ends, but didn't like how that looked and knew I'd really have to plan out the colors as I went, not at the end. So I'm just making squares and will (Lord help me) join them together at the end. I don't even know what I will end up with yet. It could be a baby blanket. It could be a pillow. It could be a scarf. It could be nothing! So far, I have 3 1/2 squares done. I doubt strongly I will do this straight through, but see it as something to do as I'm doing other things. Why that appeals to me I'm not sure...but here are 2 of the finished squares.
I see one advantage of sewing the squares together, while I will refrain from using some of my thicker sock yarn, it will have some sligh variation in size which if I'm careful, I can camouflage somewhat in the seaming process and by blocking as well. I have a variety of colors so feel like this will be my knitted version of a scrap quilt. Who knows, it may turn out less than pretty or really be unique and special. We will see as the knitting goes on. Any bets on how long this will take me?

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