Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weekend Wedding

My favorite nephew married his favorite girl on Saturday.  It was one of the most delightful days my family has had since the last wedding...oh yah, that was just in July.  smile...There was a bit of drama, my Emily was struggling with a bad cold Friday and Friday night, woke up and shortly afterwards had the first of two bloody noses, ramping up my stress level.  Think about it, putting your child into a white flower girl dress within 2 hours of having 2 bloody noses....yup, fun times.  But she made it through and we had just a wonderful day.  And when I got home Sunday afternoon, I realized I did not take one picture.  Not a one.  So hopefully soon I will get some pictures to add to this post.

I did hear from my sister that the newlyweds loved the giant gray blob of an afghan that transformed into the lovely Girasole.  I'm happy they like it.  Nothing better when a hand knit gift is warmly recieved.

So now I'm about 2 months to Christmas, let the Christmas knitting begin!

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