Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One Saroyan scarf done

I'm in the winter doldrums I think.  Everything seems gloomy and gray.  Work is work.  Nothing exciting there, which at times can be a good thing.  Children are children with all the resulting drama.  Permanent teeth are trying to come in on top of baby teeth who seem really happy to remain tightly in place.  Not a good thing, dentist appointment for older daughter is now scheduled. 

Had drama involving my prayer shawl for a friend over the weekend.  Now I'm the one needing prayers.  I attmepted my first grafting of anything more than toes of a sock.  One extra exuberant pull of the needle and lace yarn prompted the needles to fly out of my hands and stitches to come tumbling off of them all helter skelter.  I sat in disbelief at what just took place in a mere second.  I'm pretty good at fixing mistakes.  this?  not so much.  I sat and cried.  Looked at the mess and cried again.  Got my tiny steel crochet hook out and slowly worked through the tangled mess and got the approrpirate stitches back on the knitting needles, but in a poor imitation of the actual pattern.  I took a deep breathe and starting from the other end tried a different grafting technique.  Success!  Until I realized in complete mind numbing paralizying horror that this particular form of grafting does not move or give.  Nope,  not moving one tiny inch, it is completely solid.  So my shawl which will block out to at least twice its width, is now trapped by this one imovable row of firmly bound off stitches.  More crying.  I put the shawl into a basket and promptly took a 3 hour nap.  Talk about exhaustion!  Did I mention I cried?  Later that night, I painstakingly worked and slid my knitting needles into the stitches in the row below and above the now horribly in flexible row.  Where once I've sufficiently recovered my wits, I will undo that row and end up once again with 2 separate pieces of knitting.  So oh yes, I can go through this torture all over again!  Lord help me, why do I love knitting?  sigh....and no pictures.  I couldn't do that. 

I did finish this.  My Saroyan scarf is complete.  It is getting rave reviews at work.  (Please avert your eyes from the papers piled under it and next to it.....that was the biggest "open" space I could find at my desk.)  You can't really appreciate the silver threads that run through this Dream in Color yarn.  I especially like how it looks in the evening, with the silver glinting off the waning daylight.  Ok, so we have no "waning daylight", it just gets dark.  But I do like how it looks at night in the soft glow of my Ott light!

and just so I can really try and remove the horror of tangled white lace weight yarn from my mind, a close up of the pretty leaves...that is the ticket...focus on the leaves....

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