Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The tree grows

I love working on this blanket.  I think it will be quite large.  And for once I think this will be for me.  Or depending on how Christmas knitting turns out, maybe for my mother.  I'm nearly done with the center panel, only 4 rows to go...however with each round over 300 stitches, that takes a wee bit longer than I expect it to.  When I'm working round the cable rows, I'll probably be longing for the mindless knitting of stockinette...but until then, I'm ready for some cables!
Although doing the tree branches and roots in all the little 1X1 cables was a bit daunting, I'm ready for a cable border.

I haven't been spinning much lately, too consumed in this blanket.  But I started working on my camel fiber.  Not sure I like the camel...but will reserve judgment until I've completed it.  I spun some baby alpaca and struggled during the spinning, but was totally surprised with the end result.  So who knows how the camel will turn out.   

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