Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring is in the air

OK, so that might be just a bit of a stretch, but the air feels softer and less biting...the sun is out longer and actually has some warmth to her.  While we still have mounds of dirty black encrusted snow, much has melted, leaving edges of the lawns showing.  No green grass yet, but you can at least see the grass.  Much to my dog's delight.  Have I ever mentioned that Gadget was a rescue dog?  We drove to St. Louis to pick him up, so he is most likely a southern boy and when he first experienced a true Minnesotan winter, I'm sure he thought we lost our mind, expecting him to do the most private of things OUTSIDE, when it is -30, with a foot of snow around.  So to make both of our lives easier and to accomplish the shortest amount of time outside in such unbearable weather, I've taken to shoveling the grass, yes you read that correctly.  I shovel the grass, just so he has a "place" where he can do his business without having to actually walk in the snow.  What I do for my dog.

But since this is a blog primarily about knitting, here is what I worked on this week.  pardon the blurry pictures, I'm not sure what happened...surely it couldn't be due to me trying to photograph my own hand and while that alone would have been hard, I made the decision to put the glove on my right hand and try to photo it with my left hand....sigh....this is a fast and easy knit.  I don't have the ends woven in, the top hem done which would revel the cute picot edge or even the thumb.  So there is just a couple hours at best left to do on mitt number one.  But the color.  Oh man do I love these colors.  And it is Casbah yarn which gives it a feeling of decadant softness due to the 10% cashmere.  I loves is the Rav link to find the pattern.

I still haven't grafted Liz's shawl.  I don't know what my problem is, I can graft, but the thought of grafting over 90 lace stitches is way more daunting than grafting 9 toe stitches on my socks.  But this is it, she will be in office next week and I am going to give it to her.  And since I don't see the practicality of giving her two separate pieces of rumpled knitting and saying here you go, I will get this done.  Pictures....probably....fear?  most definitely.....completion?  Absolutely.

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