Friday, November 14, 2008

Crafty Weekend Ahead

Once again it will be crazy busy for us this weekend. My craft fair is next Friday, leaving me 6 days of working time left. Tonight I will work on more ornaments. Tomorrow Anna and I are painting at our church, finishing our shift at noon, home to pick up mom and Emily, off to get lunch (Chinese Buffet I think) and a hair appointment for mom. Then the rest of the afternoon and evening will be spent finishing the ornaments. Give me a hot glue gun, beads, and glass ornaments and I'm wicked good.

Sunday I hope to knit the mate to one mitten, or I will have to hope I find a one handed person interested in buying a lovely mitten. The same problem exists for a kid sock, I have one 90% done, down to the toes, so I will need a one footed toeless person in need of a striking blue sock.

So between now and next Friday morning I need to finish 20 ornaments, 1 mitten and one sock. And work full time, take a 4 hour CPR course THURSDAY night, take care of my girls and sleep. Yup, I can see that all working out oh so well.

Stay tuned....

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