Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Santa's Workshop

As you can see I finished working on the Christmas ornaments for my craft fair on Friday. Give me beads and a hot glue gun and you better be moving fast or I'll slap you full of beaded glory. The girls helped a lot. They would plop on the glue, their favorite task, while I poured beads over the areas and risked several skin layers while I pushed and pulled and prodded the beads into different places amidst the hot glue puddles. But all in all, I think they turned out nicely. I have 27 of these done, about 15 wooden ornaments I painted and then used beads or glitter on as well.

I liked making the ornaments, it is something new for me. It will be interesting to see if they sell or not. If they don't they are fine gifts for the girls' teachers and for other family members at Christmas. I'm good with that. The same with my knitting. Anything that doesn't sell I donate at church, so others can get to experience the joys of hand knits. It makes me feel good anyway.
I've been fighting a cold and I may be losing. And I get to go to the dentist tomorrow. Yup, I know how to party.
Mom and I are looking at flat screened tvs, who knew there were so many options. Hopefully it will be picked out and installed (read hang from the wall) before Thanksgiving. That is our goal anyway.
I'll take pictures of the craft fair and let you know how everything went.

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