Monday, November 3, 2008


My girls had such a good time on Halloween. The weather here in Minnesota was unusually mild. So they were actually able to go from house to house with no winter coat on over their costumes. It was Anna's last time for trick or treating, so we went all out on her costume....I absolutely loved her hat...reminded me of Professor McGonagal. And Emily just loved her little vampire costume, although I thought it had a disco bent to any event they were thrilled and much candy was had by all.

I went to TWO yarn shops this weekend. I know, I know, I said I was knitting my Christmas gifts from my stash. Well I decided on what socks to make my mom and they are Latvian and so I needed some specific solid or semi solid yarn to do the fair isle cuff section. So I went to the LYS closest to my home. I go there once in awhile, but it is not my favorite, but since I was going to be in the same parking lot to take my girls to see High School Musical 3, I thought I would try and hope they had the colors I wanted. Well no such luck. I literally have more sock yarn than they stock in their store. I went once before looking at their sock yarn and mentioned that I belonged to a sock of the month club, and the owner was surprised since wouldn't it get boring after awhile. after leaving, my girls thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

The second yarn shop was hit on Sunday after I took my oldest daughter out just the two of us to celebrate her 11th Gotcha Day celebration. 11 years ago on November 2, I was in a tiny crowded room in Chang Sha, China and a smiling, laughing little girl was placed in my arms. So we celebrate every year on their Gotcha day.....I truly was blessed when Anna was given to me. And again a long 7 years later when again I was given a little girl named Emily. My family was complete.....but I digress....I ran into my favorite yarn shop, two minutes before closing and Bobbi very graciously helped me find yarn that will be lovely for mom's Christmas socks.

I'll try to take pictures of my choices when I am home with daylight...with daylight savings changes not sure when that will be. So stay tuned...

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