Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Winter is fast I drove in to work with snow whipping around me. I even remembered to put the snow scraper in the van. (yes that was me last year, scrapping with a plastic card, not this year!) It also means it was time to bring out the basket of hats and mittens and scarves...we tossed a few mittens/gloves from last year. Nothing knitted, but the kind that works well for snow ball fights....or snowman building. Hopefully we won't have to use them for those two things quite yet. But we are ready. In the scarf box I found one of the first scarves I knit.
Please forgive the picture, it was taken last year, lovely office carpet don't you think? but talk about an amazing scarf. Kid Silk Haze....the softest, lightest scarf that I love to wind around my neck and burrow into while walking out to the snow covered car...creams, lavender, and deep purple....crazy choices, but I love them. The scarf is a keeper.
I have a craft fair next Friday at my old law firm. I enjoy gong back, visiting with old friends, hopefully selling enough to make it a fun Christmas for my family. I've got both knitted things, hats, mittens, scarves, and this year I tried working on ornaments. I bought wooden ornaments at Michaels, some glitter, beads and paint, and I have a regular Santa's workshop upstairs. Both my girls have helped. Anna made a great panda ornament. Panda's are her thing at the moment. Emily is the best glitter spreader around....I'm sure we will be finding glitter in the carpets months from now. I think tonight I'll finish working with the wooden ornaments and expand to adding beads to plain colored glass balls. I'll see if they sell. If they don't, we have gifts for cousins, teachers etc. Nothing will be wasted. I have donated the hats and mittens that don't sell to our church who gives them away to families that need some help. Best thing I can do I think.
Emily has had a couple doctor appointments re her surgery and upcoming cleft surgeries. My girl is one brave and tough cookie. The next couple years may be tough ones, but she is going to come out stronger. It is hard to explain why though to a six year old. I love my girls.

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sue said...

Might I add another resason for the craft fair? Your old friends get to visit with you again! Emily maybe a tough cookie, but it's her spunk that makes all who know Emily melt when she smiles! Hard to imagine that smile could be improved upon! :)