Friday, January 2, 2009

A new year

I'm not one for making resolutions, but I'm looking forward to this new year. It seems every year has endless possibilities and I'm the only thing that stands between myself and new opportunities. I can dream about my knitting life, learning new things, hoping to get a spinning wheel and thus creating even more beautiful yet useful items. In my personal life, there are exciting family adventures coming up, not one but two weddings and Emily will be a flower girl in both of them and Anna will be a junior bridesmaid in the July wedding in Florida. So much joy will be enjoyed by my family.

My work schedule has been delightfully wonky this week. Worked Monday and Tuesday, off Wednesday and Thursday, and at work again Friday. Although today will be an "easy" day. Very few people are here, none of the people I support are here. So I'm free to work on my outstanding projects and cleaning up my desk. Works for me.

So tonight I will continue working on my Harry Potter sock, the first of 2009. Maybe that will be my goal for the year, to complete 12 pairs of socks. One pair a month. So there, it is in print and I said it. Check back with me in December, and we will see how I did. I am enjoying the Tonks yarn, love the colors and how they are rolling off my fingers. Just a nice soothing change of pace for myself.

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