Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crazy Minnesota

I do not know why the pioneers decided to stop their trek across the country and choose to live here. I'm sure they did not get here in the winter and say, yup, this is the best place to live that I have seen in my long arduous journey. I'm going to pick that spot over there between the snowbank and the iced up lake to build my dream home. I'm just not seeing it.

Today's high is going to be 0. ZERO. That is not a number I equate with a high temperature. We got several inches of snow yesterday, my normal commute of 25 minutes from work to home, took a plodding 1 and 1/2 hours. But it wasn't scary driving, it was the slow, methodical creep home. Everyone was behaving themselves, no cutting in and out of lanes, just careful driving so everyone could make it safely home. This morning? ahh that was something totally different. Today it was -20 waiting for the school bus that never came, so I ended up driving my frozen Popsicle girl to school. Then I spent the next hour driving into work. And passing car after car in the ditch. The roads were completely ice covered and with the temps that low, the chemicals put on the roads by the transportation department does not melt. (instead they put sand and granite chips down....granite chips? who knew) And apparently all the careful drivers from last night were not driving anymore, instead it was cars cutting in and out of lanes, going way too fast which resulted in all the cars in the ditches and medians. A very stressful drive in. The one bright spot was it is sunny and due to the cold, there were glorious sun dogs out. Little rainbows next to the brilliant sun is always pretty...not warm, just pretty...

But I'm here, trying to focus on work. Instead I'm wishing I could just curl up in bed and work on the second Tonks sock or the lacy scarf but no, that would mean I'd have to go back out to the frozen car and skate my way home. Can't do it. At least not yet. Who knew I'd choose work over knitting just so I wouldn't have to drive on frozen paths called freeways....see I told you it is not normal to live here. Now I'm really worried. I'm picking work over knitting. Call someome fast please...I truly need help.

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