Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why I'm Knitting My Way Home

While I was born in Minnesota, I moved to Texas in the mid 1980s. Didn't know a soul there. I taught school in an inner city school for a year, now that would fill up a few days worth of blog posts. Then I changed careers and started working in the legal world as a paralegal. I lived in Texas for 13 years. During this time, I made great friends, learned a lot about myself. Found I could do a lot of things I never thought were possible. I adopted my oldest daughter from China. Worked full time as a single mom. Loved my life.

After getting Anna I decided I wanted her to know her Grandma and Grandpa more than what we would get living so far away. So I found a new job in Minneapolis and moved us back home. It was a hard transition. Missed my Texas friends a lot. Got reacquainted with WINTER. A Minnesota winter, not a Texas winter. Eventually settled in. Made more friends. Watched Anna revel in the love showered on her by her grandma and grandpa. Two years later, my dad had the first of a series of strokes which eventually resulted in his death after 2 long years of declining health. Watched my mom struggle to make a new life without the man who loved her. I adopted my second daughter. My life was full and rich. I had my two girls. I had a good job. A year later my mom and I each sold our homes and moved in together into a new home. Three years later here we are. Through the bumps of life I've reviewed my choices. I will never regret moving back to Minnesota, I was able to be here for the last 2 years my dad was healthy and watched him love and play with my daughter. I was here for the last two years of my dad's life as he struggled and disappeared due to the strokes. I supported my mom through losing her husband and friend. Together we joined forces and have done well. She has had her own health issues the last few years but we are ok.

Someday I will find my way back home to Texas. I miss Texas. Texas was where I learned who I really was and found strength I did not know I had. I learned all things are possible. Even things I thought were impossible. While I can not move back to Texas right now, Mom is and always will be a Minnesotan. I will go back home. Often while knitting, I'm dreaming of Texas. To the day where I can go back and be in my adopted home. I too will always be a Minnesotan but I'm a Texan by adoption. And that will hold me for now.

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