Monday, January 19, 2009

A tease.....or placeholder

I have a basket next to my bed which holds most of my works in progress. And some patterns. And some notebooks. And some needles. And some yarn. Get the idea? It is a hodgepodge of things. I sorted through it on Saturday night, and here is the list of what I found.

1. A second sock, nearly to the toe decreases - estimated time to completion? 3 hours These are truly vanilla socks, basic yarn, simple stockinette. Happily the crazy pooling that started in the first sock disappeared into a more pleasing mottled effect.

2. A second glove, actually a glitten. The first glove and flap are finished. The second glove is to the finger sections. Which is why it is stalled, I find the fingers of gloves so putzy and fiddly. Another reason to love mittens!

3. A lap blanket, half done, unknown completion date, malabrigo yarn, different blocks and colors in yummy fall colors...

4. A second sock to the heel flap - Tonks sock. I like the yarn much better knitted up than what it looked like in the skein. How long before I can tell what something is going to look like knitted up? That is something I still struggle with, I look at yarn or even roving and am mostly clueless how it is going to look knitted or spun up. Hopefully I will get better at visualizing this.

5. Two lacy scarves - one about 2/3 done, one about 1/3 done. The one on the left of the picture is 2/3 done. Can't wait to see how it looks once it is blocked out. The colors remind me of spring flowers. And in the cold of January, something I'm looking forward to. The second scarf reminds me of summer up north in the woods and lakes of Minnesota. Deep greens and lavender with shots of bright blue skies.

6. A lap blanket, about half done - no picture, buried in the closet....

7. Second sock that probably no longer fits Anna since I've mucked around so long with them.

Do you see a trend? Clearly second socks slow me down. Or rather, more broadly, second HALVES slow me down?

Tonight I will take pictures of all of the above items, post them and then make a mad dash and start crossing these things off the list.

I want to do 12 pairs of socks this year, well I have three single socks so far and I'm not going to count that!

And on the weather front, I'm happy to report, we are out of the below temps. We spent 85 hours straight never getting above zero. That is hard even for this native Minnesotan. But it is above zero and even though we are getting more snow off and on the next couple days, I will take it.

My goal for the first 3 months of this year re knitting? To work at finishing projects before I leap off and start new ones. We will see how long that

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