Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blink and a week goes by

Mom left for Arizona last week, arrived safely and is having a fun relaxing warm time with family and friends. The girls and I hibernated for most of the weekend. I was able to sleep for long stretches of time and feel the tide has turned on the cold that lasted for a month. So not right.

Even though it was Knit Out at MOA last weekend, instead we travled to Lakeville and went to Knitter's Pallette. It was a lovely store, light and bright, I could drool over the wheels and dream of the day I will have one. Someday. I picked up some fiber Emily fell in love with, looks like Neopolitan ice cream...pinks...creams...browns...spins up nicely.

I also started Ellen's hat. She picked out yarn before Christmas as her birthday present and left up the pattern to me. I found a nice beret pattern, simple cables. Yarn matched well but it just ate up the yarn. So 2 months after buying the yarn I went back to Amazing Threads and picked up another skein. A different dye lot, but even looking in the weak daylight that is February in Minnesota, I can't see much if any difference. I'm decreasing at the crown, so hopefully will be finished tomorrow.

And since I have no yarn shots, a snap of Emily while we were at church waiting for Anna to finish piano lessons. I'm a blessed momma.

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