Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Joys of Spinning

There is something about spinning that intrigues me. I don't know if it is the history or what. Maybe it is just doing something that has been done for so many years before me. Something that in our current world of giant box stores and sameness everywhere that appeals to me. To actually take something in its nearly raw state, refine it, manipulate it, and then make something out of that product that strikes a chord with me. Who knows, maybe somewhere in my ancestry there was a great spinner? My ancestors come from Sweden and Germany so it is highly likely.

In any event, I'm working with my drop spindle, it is soothing to me. Which is a good thing right now. I've mentioned my youngest daughter had surgery due to her cleft lip. That was over four months ago. I'm still fighting with the insurance company to cover the cost of much of her surgery. Turns out that "rhinoplasty" is not covered under my insurance plan, they make no distinction between non-cosmetic surgery (Emily) and cosmetic surgery. Just a big, "NO" it is not covered by your plan. I've talked to countless people, gotten conflicting stories (surgery was preapproved but suddenly they show no records of that conversation), received denial letters, the first one dated 1/13/09, the second review started on 1/12/09, before I even was notified of the first denial? It makes me so angry. I fought for years before being able to adopt Emily in the first place. I thought I was done having to fight, turns out I'm not. Fine. I'm up for it. It is ridiculous to have a blanket policy with no wiggle room, there is no medical code to use that describes the work they did on Emily's nose structure other than rhinoplasty. So the fight continues. I do believe it will be resolved. One of the advantages of working in the legal world I guess. But in the mean time, I will continue to spin and ply my yarn. Knitting is the best meditation I know.

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