Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No Knitting

I have some kind of creeping crud. Emily stayed home yesterday, but is back to her old self today. I don't feel horrible other than very tired. It would be great to just curl up and go to sleep. But not an option. I must really save all my PTO since this year involves 2 out of state weddings. One being in Florida this summer and the girls and mom and I are going to make a real vacation out of it by going on a cruise! I'm super excited and looking forward to some relaxing time away.

And a week from Friday, mom heads to Arizona for 2 weeks. I'm thrilled for her and I'm equally thrilled for me. I get to have 2 weeks just me and the girls. Those times only happen at best once or twice a year, so I really cherish the time we eek out just the three of us.

So all in all a good break coming up. Hopefully knitting will get back on track. I have so many things I want to do, I just need to buckle down and crank out and finish some of my older projects so I feel free to start some new ones.

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