Friday, February 27, 2009

Lack of Knitting Mojo

Actually it isn't lack of mojo, it has been that the last two weeks it has been just the girls and me. Mom is on vacation in Arizona, and between working full time and doing house stuff, homework, church activities, and music lessons and being sick on top of it, there just hasn't been much knitting accomplished. But the tide is turning, I can feel it. It isn't spring, since we just got hammered with our worst winter storm of the year, so it must be the return of knitting all the time fever! Throw in a little spinning and I'm getting excited!

So while I have no new knitting pictures (however, Tonks socks are done except for toe kitchnering) I will throw in this lovely shot of Gadget. Taken by Emily. Gadget you will notice is wearing the latest style in headgear. Coffee filter with ear holes cut out. I just love his expression.....he is one patient dog.

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