Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ninja battles winding down

So the ninja socks and I have formed a truce I think.  I'm within 1/2 inch or so to where I start the toe decreases.  The small ball of yarn at the bottom of the picture may or may not get the sock finished.  I have the multi more turquoisey blue  yarn ready in the wings to finish the toe if needed, or I may just go with a straight white toe.  But in any regard, these socks will finally FINALLY be finished by the weekend.  And I can move on.  This has been a great lesson in sock knitting.  I've made so many pairs over the last couple years, I really stopped paying attention to fit as everything had been going so well.  Goes to show you, when you think you know what you are doing, that is the time you will trip and fall.  Such is life.

Christmas knitting is moving along, especially when you look at the calendar and realize Christmas Eve is 37 days away.  Thirty seven....not that long in knitting time.  But I'm doing reasonably well.  The Hemlock Ring blanket is done except for the edging.  I'm working on that each night until the boredom overtakes me and I pick something else up.  What I'm usually picking up at the moment is this, The Yarn Harlot's Pretty Thing.

I'm making this for Kyle's Anna.  I'm over half way done and I started it the end of last week.  So it moves very quickly.  Easy pattern with really nice results.  I'm hoping she will like it as much as I'm liking making it.  It also appears I'm in a blue yarn mood...but I think that is coming to an end, lately I've been drawn to orangey golden yellows...must be because our monochromatic winter world that is filled with white, gray and black is soon going to arrive.  I have plans for some new orangey yarn...but that is after Christams knitting is done.

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