Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Socks!

I'm so looking forward to the long holiday weekend.  I worked really hard last weekend to do the more difficult chores at home, carpets have been cleaned, storage room emptied and then reorganzied.  (No pictures, I couldn't do it to myself.)  I still have a few bins to sort out, mostly books the girls said they did not want, but from which they already pulled out several to read.  I can do the final cleaning this weekend and it will be ok.  Mostly clothes to sort and purge through.  The worst of it is done.

Which means, I can have more down time over the holiday.  Being a single working mom who also shares a home with my mom means I have a lot of things to take care of.  Most of the time it is ok, I can handle it.  Sometimes it can get overwhelming being the sole person that is responsible to manage everyone's appointments and care.  Which is where my knitting/spinning comes in.  That is where I pour me into.  Where I can find solace and peace.  I don't know where I would be without my knitting.  And I don't want to know!

So over the weekend, this is what I did,   I started the Latvian Wedding Socks as a Christmas gift for my mom.  While I'm following the charts as written, I'm letting the varigated yarn do its own thing.  I'm not cutting out sections of the self striping yarn as the directions suggested, I'm just going with the flow.  At first I wasn't sure about how it was turning out, but now I've decided they are simply Happy Socks.  And when things are dreary this winter, it may bring a smile to my mom's face when she pulls on these wildly colored socks.  Soon the color will change to a mustard yellow followed by a spring green....let happiness reign on our feet!

I'm also half way through a scarf, also for my mom for Christmas.  This is using the first of my handspun yarns I've ever knit up.  It is just a simple ruched pattern.  I realized after several sections I made it too wide, however, my mom commented she thought it being extra wide would be nice when the blasted winds start howling here laden with snow.  So even though she has seen it, I'm going to give it to her as a gift.  It is super warm as the gray/white blend is wool and mohair.  That is the yarn I spun up and it is working up so nicely.

I hope everyone is able to safely travel this coming weekend.  The girls and mom and I will be at our house, just the four of us.  I can not wait.  I plan on Thanksgiving being a day of just that, one of remembering to give thanks.  I'm incredibly blessed, I have my two girls, my mom is healthy and home with us, my job is stable, and I have enough yarn that I could knit for a year without having to buy more.  That is a bountiful basket of blessings in my book.

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