Friday, November 20, 2009

Pretty Thing - Check Hemlock Ring - Check

Here is my Pretty Thing...although it isn't so pretty at the moment, this color is not true at is a pretty heathered blue with hints of lavendar.  Not the gray as it appears here, that is what you get when you take pictures in a flourscent light filled cubicle at work.  But it is done as far as the knitting goes.  Tonight it will soak in a bath and I'll pin it out.  Same goes for the Hemlock Ring.  The knitting is done, soaking and blocking await.  I sure hope the blocking cures the sad lumpy look it has now, it won't lay flat at all.  But I've seen blocking perform miracles before.  So no panic until after it has been pinned out...

I've decided to make Latvian Wedding socks for my mom's Christmas present.  I have the yarns at home all ready and will start tonight.

I'm looking forward to the Thanksgiving break coming up.  I'm tired of work and can use the respite.  I have plenty of work at home that needs to get done.  I'm cleaning out the storage closet, moving in an old dresser and hopefully filling it with things that just have no other place to live.  I need the upstairs more organized and soon.  While I believe in the lived in casual look, we have clearly crossed the line into a mess.  And with winter closing in and us being in close quarters for several months to come, I need to get the space more organized and cleared out.  So I feel some serious purging coming through.  If I get really brave, I will post before and after pictures.  not sure I'm ready for is bad people....

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