Thursday, December 10, 2009

-5 at the bus stop

Somehow we Minnesotans seem to have the capacity to forget just how painful -5 at the bus stop can be.  Yes the sun was shining and reflecting beautifully off the newly fallen snow.  However, that sun had zero warmth to it and frankly hurt my eyes!  But being the dutiful mom that I am, I shivered at the bus stop with my daughter and 2 neighbor kids.  They had snow pants.  I did not.  They had snow boots.  I did not.  I did have hand knit socks and hand knit mittens tucked into my bigger snow proof mittens.  And that helped me survive the morning bus wait.

My Christmas knitting is on target.  I'm actually ahead of schedule.  I finished the first of mom's monkey socks last night.  I searched on Ravelery and found a pattern I liked for fingerless mitts called "BonBons" by Susanna IC.  I chose a lovely bright navy blue handspun yarn that has a bit of a shimmer, maybe some silk in it.  And cast on for the first of Kyle's Anna's mitts.  The color goes nicely with the blue Pretty Thing I've already completed for her.  So my goal is to finish one of the mitts by Sat. afternoon.  Start the second sock for mom Sat. night and repeat.  Which would end up with both the socks and mitts finished by Saturday the 19th.  Which leaves me 4-5 solid days to complete a pair of mittens for Kyle.  This my friends I believe I can do.

Unless the knitting gods are biding their time, laughing at my efforts and planning.  I did after all choose a pattern that calls for "approximately" 150 yards to complete and decide to knit it with my own handspun that is "approximately" 152 yards in length.  Yup, that is tempting the fates there.

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