Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Anna's birthday

My Anna is 13.  A teenager!  smile...she has been eagerly counting down the days for the last month.  Her day arrived and was a success.  While she slept, I put a present on her bed, went into her sister's room and together we dialed a new number and then went to watch as Anna woke to a persistent ringing.  She slapped at her alarm clock to turn it off, but the ringing continued.  Finally I kept repeating, Anna, answer your phone, answer your phone.  And her eyes lit up as she ripped into the ringing package to uncover her much wanted phone, I too am now dragged into the present day by giving up my trusty old reliable flip phone.  We both own very fancy phones now, even with QWERTY keyboards.  And I succumbed and bought a family plan with unlimited texting.  She was thrilled.  As usual, my thoughts go to China, wondering if someone thinks about my girl this day.  I'll forever be linked to China for the rest of my life.  And I will cherish my China girls.  I'm such a blessed mom.

The deadline for Christmas knitting is fast approaching.  I'm down to the last mitten.  It is nearly half done so I'm not worried about it not getting done.  I'm just tired of knitting.  Gasp, shock. The horror!  smile...because all I want for Christmas is to spin.  I can NOT wait to be able to sit at my wheel and spin.  We are supposed to get a huge snow storm during Christmas, like up to two feet of new snow with wind.  Bring it on!  I have enough roving to keep me happy for several days.  And I'm ready to sit and listen to the wheel whir away, transforming my buch of fluff into yarn....and by the time I'm done spinning, I'll be ready to turn the yarn into something comforting and warm.  There are many good things about living in MN and one is you can never have too many mittens, hats, scarves or sweaters.  Perfect location for any spinner/knitter to live.

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