Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Howling Snow

Life in Minnesota is predictible, there will be flowers in late May, there will be mosquitos all summer, there will be crisp leaves falling in fall, and there will be howling snow during the winter.  Winter arrived in a big way last night.  In the cities, the roads are slow but passable, if you drive carefully.  Don't get me started on those vehicles whipping past me only to cut in front of me since I leave a nice safe distance between me and the car in front of me.  But I admit, it is exhilirating to live in this place.  It can take your breathe away as the wind slams you in the face while you drag your trash can down the snow clogged driveway but it also blesses you with beautiful white pristine snow covered fields with trees draped with snow laden branches. 

And last night as I sat knitting, I looked out from my bedroom window and watched and snow danced across the windown pane and I snuggled into my warm bed and happily worked on mom's new Christmas sock.

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